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Trash and recycling services are provided by Nightingale Trucking Co., Inc. - 703-360-6634

Trash containers, trash bags, and recycling bins must never be stored in the front or side yard. They must be kept inside the house or in the backyard until the night before or morning of the each regularly scheduled garbage collection day.


Please only put trash out after dusk on Monday night or before 8:00 AM on Tuesday morning; and also after dusk on Thursday night or before 8:00 AM Friday morning.


Please only put recyclables after dusk on Tuesday night or before 8:00 AM on Wednesday morning.


Containers and bins must be promptly retrieved after they have been emptied by the trash collection service.


Nightingale will NOT collect hazardous waste materials, such as oil based paint cans, pesticides, oil filters, rubber tires, computers, televisions, and the like.  Please take such materials to the Fairfax County dump on Furnace Road (free to Fairfax County residents).  Also Nightingale does not collect glass (take glass to the dump or the purple bin at the Franconia Government Center.


Nightingale will not collect large items such as freezers, refrigerators, and the like.  Please call the Nightingale for special pickups of such items. 


Failure to comply with these rules is a violation of Section D1f of the Association’s Architectural and Environmental Regulations.

Do not recycle grocery plastic trash bags other than at grocery stores 

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